9/6/18 Update

A number of growers have already had their hemp tested by DATCP for THC content in preparation for harvest, and some have already harvested all or part of their crop.

The list of grows that are in the queue for testing is probably going to grow in the upcoming weeks. If you are a grower, remember that you are required to contact DATCP to request testing 30 days before you plan to harvest. Our understanding is that DATCP is currently not taking 30 days to get out to test after testing is requested, but increased testing volume may result in wait times that approach the 30-day testing window. Make sure that you are thinking ahead and request your test early enough to ensure that you can harvest when it best suits your needs.

Also, many people recommend that growers should have their hemp privately tested at various stages of the growing process, so that more information can be gathered about THC concentrations throughout the life cycle of the plant in our climate and the particular growing conditions at a site.

One Wisconsin testing company that we are aware of is Accelerated Cannabis Laboratories, which offers cannabinoid profile testing for $75.00 per sample. For more information, see their website: www.acceleratedcannabistesting.com

Also, if there are other good testing labs in Wisconsin that any of you have encountered, please let us know and we will pass on their contact information to the rest of the group.

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