One of our goals at the Wisconsin Hemp Alliance is to build a platform upon which you can all share information about your experiences and ask questions of others who are also on the cutting edge of industrial hemp production and processing in this state. We will work toward acheiving that goal, and in the mean time, we will occasionally pass on messages from participants that are timely and may help others as they set up their hemp operations.

In that vein, one of our founding members, Legacy Hemp, would like to share that they have planting seed available and are looking for additional organic growers. Anyone interested can contact Legacy Hemp agronomist Bryan Parr
at bryan@legacyhemp.com or (608) 639-0090.

In our first email, we noted that only recipients who responded and asked to be included in future mailings would receive them. However, a number of you have requested that we instead allow those that are not interested in receiving future messages to opt out, which you may do via the link that will be at the end of each of our emails. Apparently some of you are so busy getting your hemp crops in the ground that dealing with email is not in your time budget!

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