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Drone Application/Spraying Services

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Hello! My name is Troy and I run a drone application business contracted through Rantizo. I fly a 55lb agriculture drone capable of spraying and applying seeding. It can average 4-12 acres/hour depending on application rate and terrain. A few big benefits of a drone over other application methods are cost, accessibility, safety and accuracy. I fly full RTK with accuracy to 3cm, and usually go no more than 5-10 feet above the target area- greatly increasing coverage and minimizing drift. Drone application of pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers or herbicides in hemp has proven to be an effective and efficient solution for producers.  I am a veteran owned business and a licensed aerial applicator based out of Madison, WI. Below is a link to the drone in action! Please contact me with any questions or if you would like a demo.

563-920-8356 -Drone applying fungicide to corn in Paoli, WI

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