9/25/18 Update

Now that most of your outdoor grows are maturing, if they haven’t already been harvested, be on the lookout for security issues. At least two growers have reported theft of their hemp flowers.

The Wisconsin hemp industry is continuing to get good support from people with influence in our state. See this piece about State Senator Patrick Testin joining in the harvesting efforts at a hemp growing site in his district. Senator Testin was instrumental in developing and passing the law that made this industry possible, and continues to lend his support to the industry in meaningful ways. (Senator Testin and WHA general counsel, Larry Konopacki, joined up with Ken Anderson of Legacy Hemp earlier this summer for a discussion of the new Wisconsin hemp industry on the “Route 51” radio show on Wisconsin Public Radio.) Feel free to contact Senator Testin to express your appreciation and your support for his efforts.

We are closing in on the target date (Sept 30) by which Congress hopes to pass the next version of the Federal Farm Bill. As we previously reported, the version of the Farm Bill that was already passed by the Senate includes provisions that would significantly benefit the industrial hemp industry in our country, including by completely removing industrial hemp from our federal controlled substances laws. If you would like to help, please contact your Congressional representatives to voice your support for inclusion of these provisions in the final version of the Farm Bill. Our thanks to the U.S. Hemp Roundtable for this handy congressional contact tool. If you are looking for a great source of hemp industry information consider joining the Roundtable.

Lastly, we have been hearing from multiple sources about the cutting edge work that is being done by Kathleen May, Laurie DiVito, and the rest of the team at MP Consulting, LLC, which is a Wisconsin-based company that is quickly developing a national footprint (and beyond). Kathleen shared this latest publication from ASTM that includes information aboutthe progress D37 is making in the industry. The CAPA standard is one of the standards that Kathleen has authored for the committee. This is the kind of work that is going to help this industry to mature to the point where it can really take off in the mainstream. If you want to learn more about MP consulting or find out how to make contact with them, see this bio.

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