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Tips for Selecting a Hemp Processor

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At extraktLAB we manufacture some of the finest CO2 extraction and distillation equipment on the global market. My boss, Dr. Jon Thompson also has a podcast about hemp and CBD business called extrakTALKS. It has tons of valuable information relating to growing hemp, extraction, product development, and much more.

Our latest episode was Tips for choosing a Hemp Processing Partner, including the things to look for when selecting and different terms for on a contract. 

Would appreciate any feedback you have on the show. We want to offer some of the most engaging and informative content relating to the hemp industry, and we need the help of the hemp community to make that happen. 

Check the extraktLAB social media accounts for links to upcoming events and chances to win gear and prizes. We will have some Relief CBG seeds available to someone that takes our Hemp Variety survey going up this weekend.