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Seeking Entry Level Hemp Farming Positions

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My name is Bryant Cornwell and although I am not currently residing in Wisconsin I reached out to this Hemp Alliance and was directed to post on this forum in reguard to open positions on farms seeking hard workers. And I am just that, I hard (23 year old male) worker looking to get on any respectable hemp farm that could possibly put up a new to cultivation individual with the willingness and patience to learn. I'm very eager to get into the hemp growing world but just need someone who needs me. I can be reached anytime at 509-220-5999 for any questions you might have. The most relevant experience I have is peach/apple thinning, weeding, general landscaping, tree removal/forestry recovery projects, and some large scale planting projects. I'm a fairly sharp guy and generally only need to here directions once to get something done. If you're in need or know of a farm looking for good work for any wage in return for working with hemp PLEASE fill free to reach out, thanks a bunch!